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The Dogfather is an offer I can't refuse

I stopped by Mr. Beery’s the other evening for Beer Nerd Night. My offering for the gang was an imperial stout from a brewery known for its excellent IPAs such as Devil Dog and DogZilla.

Laughing Dog Bourbon Barrel Aged The Dogfather Imperial Stout (Laughing Dog Brewing; Ponderay, ID; Imperial Stout; ABV: 11.0) is a seasonal offering from the Idaho brewery. The Dogfather is jet black in color, with hardy notes of chocolate and toffee complimented by dark fruit and vanilla spices with a significant bourbon backbone. This is a smooth, extremely well balanced beer, and despite the bourbon presence, the alcohol content is well concealed. It’s easy to get whacked by The Dogfather if you’re not careful!

For fans of imperial stouts, The Dogfather is an offer you can’t refuse.

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