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Something To Crow About

January 12th, 2011 Bill Zavorskas No comments

Blitzkrieg was right on target

The aptly named Hopfest is Darren The Mad Zymurgist's latest creation

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a brand new brewery in Sarasota. And I can definitely say that it’s worth crowing about!

The Mad Crow Brewery & Grill opened its doors last Thursday, and I stopped by the other day to give it a try. In addition to crafting their own ales, the brewery has an eclectic artisan’s menu ranging from mussels and duck hot dogs to Arctic char and a beef shank that serves 6-8 people. There’s even a appetizer on the menu that features bone marrow! For the less adventurous, there’s also standard pub fare such as bangers on a bun and fried mac & cheese.

I ordered a grilled cheddar cheese & bacon sandwich, with a side salad, then talked beer with Darren Fehring, the brewery’s resident Zymurgist, and Jeff behind the bar. The first beer that I had was Mad Crow Blitzkrieg (Mad Crow Brewery & Grill; Sarasota, FL; Marzen; ABV: 7.2), which is their German style offering. Caramel in color, it’s a smooth well balanced beer with big notes of sweet malt and spices. The alcohol content is more than 7% is well concealed, and Blitzkrieg has the feel of a session beer, albeit a robust one. Per Jeff, this has been their most popular beer to date.

Darren, who hails from New Hampshire and has been brewing for more than 20 years, decided to escape the New England winters and set up shop here. He brought out a sample of his latest creation, Mad Crow Hopfest (Mad Crow Brewery & Grill; Sarasota, FL; India Pale Ale; ABV: 8.2) for us to try. Amber in color, it’s a hop head’s dream with several varieties of hops, such as Cascade and Amarillo, complimented by fine notes of Brettanomyces yeast, with a crisp clean finish. Like Blitzkrieg, the alcohol content of this ale isn’t very noticeable.

I finished up by trying a sampler of several other brews currently on tap. Among them:

Mad Crow Winter Wheat; Mad Crow Brewery & Grill; Sarasota, FL; American Pale Wheat Ale; ABV: 5.5. Brewed for the Winter, this golden wheat ale has a smoother, more full-bodied taste than traditional wheat beers.

Mad Crow Oatmeal X; Mad Crow Brewery & Grill; Sarasota, FL; American Amber / Red Ale; ABV: 5.2. The first beer of Mad Crow’s experimental series, this amber ale has hearty notes of flaked oats balanced by a malty backbone. Delicious!

Mad Crow Hoppin’ Mad; Mad Crow Brewery & Grill; Sarasota, FL; American Pale Ale; ABV: 5.5. This APA has rich hoppy notes and makes an excellent session beer.

Mad Crow Perseverance Porter; Mad Crow Brewery & Grill; Sarasota, FL; Porter; ABV: 5.5. A blend between a porter and a pale ale, Perseverance has hardy notes of chocolate and coffee and is velvety smooth from start to finish. The first batch brewed by Mad Crow, hence the name. Darren said that he’d take the “Pepsi Challenge” with his porter against all comers, and I think that Perseverance would more than hold its own.

Ales, artisan dishes, and ambiance…what more can you ask for? The Mad Crow Grill & Brewery will appeal to beer lovers and foodies alike.

99 Bottles of Beer: Part Deux

October 10th, 2010 Bill Zavorskas No comments

Unplugged Cherry Stout was one of the evening's highlights

As was the Troegenator

Anne and I attended 99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall Part 2 at Mr. Beery’s on Friday night. We were on vacation when the first one took place, and were fortunate enough to catch this one. For $20 apiece, we each received some nice glassware and participated in sampling beers 51-99.

In addition to trying some old favorites, I had the opportunity to sample many new beers for the first time. Some that truly stood out are listed below.

Bullfrog Double Coffee Stout; Bullfrog Brewery; Williamsport, PA; American Stout; ABV: 7.3. This stout was actually brought in as a growler by Dave, and was the first beer sampled. A rich mocha color, with sublime notes of Expresso coffee complimented by dark chocolate and roasted malt. Very creamy and delicious, DCS has the feel of an imperial stout to it.

New Belgium Lips of Faith – Eric’s Ale; New Belgium Brewing Co.; Fort Collins, CO; American Wild Ale; ABV: 7.0. A superb sour ale. Amber in color, with big notes of tart fruit such as cherries and green apples with a crisp clean finish.

New Glarus Unplugged Cherry Stout; New Glarus Brewing Co.; New Glarus, WI; Fruit / Vegetable Beer; ABV: 6.5. A delicious, full-bodied cherry stout. Chocolate in color with big notes of Wisconsin Montmorency cherries complimented by chocolate and sweet malt. This stout would make an excellent dessert beer.

New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red; New Glarus Brewing Co.; New Glarus, WI; Fruit / Vegetable Beer; ABV: 5.1. One of the brewery’s signature beers. This deep red ale has outrageous notes of Wisconsin Montmorency cherries complimented by an oaky backbone and a tart finish similar to a sour ale. Like drinking a black cherry soda with a kick!

Port Brewing Older Viscosity; Port Brewing Co.; San Marcos, CA; American Strong Ale; ABV: 12.0. This jet black strong ale is aged in bourbon barrels, and the substantial notes of bourbon are very apparent throughout the beer, with a very nice oakiness in the background from the aging process. There’s hints of chocolate and vanilla spices as well, and the potency of this ale is very apparent. Older Viscosity reminds me of Ola Dubh on steroids!

Real Ale Sisyphus; Real Ale Brewing Co.; Blanco, TX; Barley Wine; ABV: 11.5. A smooth, full-bodied barley wine. There were three vintage bottles on hand (2007, 2008, 2009), with the 2008 offering being the best. Sisyphus is copper in color and the notes of honey, caramel malt, and piny hops are perfectly balanced.

Sixpoint Grand Crue; Sixpoint Craft Ales; Brooklyn, NY; Belgian Strong Dark Ale; ABV: 12.4. A rich, oak aged strong ale. Big notes of caramel, brown sugar, and dark fruit with a bourbon feel in the backbone. Quite smooth for a beer of its potency.

SKA Modus Hoperandi IPA; SKA Brewing; Durango, CO; India Pale Ale; ABV: 6.8. Continuing a trend in the craft beer industry, this IPA comes in a can. Amber in color with generous notes of Cascade and floral hops complimented by caramel malt. Very crisp and refreshing.

Surly Brutal Bitter; Surly Brewing Co.; Brooklyn Center, MN; Premium Bitter/ESB; ABV: 4.2. Another excellent canned beer, this is a very creamy and malty ESB. Light amber in color with the rich malty presence balanced by sweet caramel and floral hops.

Surly Furious; Surly Brewing Co.; Brooklyn Center, MN; India Pale Ale; ABV: 6.2. Continuing the trend of superb canned beers, this is an absolute hop bomb. The huge notes of citrusy and piny hops are apparent throughout this ale, with a slight bitterness at the end. Furious has the feel of an Imperial IPA to it.

Tröegs Trogenator; Tröegs Brewing Co.; Harrisburg, PA; Dopplebock; ABV: 8.2. A truly outstanding dopplebock. Deep mahogany in color and tasty as hell, with big notes of sweet caramel complimented by dark fruit and cinnamon spices.

Wachusett Green Monsta; Wachusett Brewing Co.; Westminster, MA; American Pale Ale; ABV: 7.3. Named after the famed wall at Fenway Park, this complex APA is like a strong ale mixed with an IPA. Light copper in color with notes of sweet malt balanced by caramel and citrusy hops.

Kudos to Mark for his generosity and for putting together such a wonderful evening.


August 29th, 2010 Bill Zavorskas No comments

We took an full day tour of the stupendous Biltmore

I later enjoyed a Great Gatsby Abbey at the Grove Park Inn

Asheville, NC is known as a hotbed for all things artisan, in addition to being named Beer City USA 2010 by a recent poll. Its beauty and charm has long been known by many of this country’s elites as well, which is why George Washington Vanderbilt II chose to build Biltmore Estate, the nation’s largest privately-owned home, in 1895. It consists of 250 rooms and 175,000 square feet spread out over 75 acres, equivalent to 140 Central Parks! Anne and I took a tour of this incredible mansion, and also had time to stop by Cedric’s Tavern, located on the estate, to enjoy drinks and a bite to eat.

I had a beer called Cedric’s Pale Ale (Highland Brewing; Asheville, NC; American Pale Ale; ABV: 5.0-6.0?), which was crafted for the Biltmore by Highland Brewing. Named after the beloved St. Bernard of George Vanderbilt, Cedric’s is a smooth, amber colored APA with notes of caramel malt and English hops complimented by hints of sweet fruit. This ale is quite refreshing from start to finish, and the estate plans to eventually brew it onsite in the future. It fully complimented the Italian Tuna Salad Sandwich that I ate for lunch.

After we finished the tour, we drove onto the Grove Park Inn for drinks and a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Completed in 1912 and renovated in 2007, this inn has served as a vacation retreat for celebrities and dignitaries alike. I started with an abbey named in honor of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who came here on an annual basis to either vacation or write.

Highland Grove Park Inn Great Gatsby Abbey Ale (Highland Brewing; Asheville, NC; Abbey Ale; ABV: 7.0-8.0?) is a full-bodied abbey with notes of caramel, German malt, and floral hops. It pours a chestnut color, and is a silky, easy drinking ale.

We finished at GPI by having dessert and a final round of drinks. I had the Highland Black Mocha Stout (Highland Brewing; Asheville, NC; American Stout; ABV: 5.3), an outstanding chocolate stout. The chocolate presence is complimented by notes of roasted malt and earthy hops, and had a cappuccino like feeling to it. Black Mocha paired well with the chocolate cake that I had for dessert.

Each of these beers were a perfect compliment to the day, and highly recommended.

Cedric's Tavern on Urbanspoon

Sunset Terrace - Grove Park Inn on Urbanspoon

Rogues Gallery

August 19th, 2010 Bill Zavorskas No comments

Oregasmic will be good for you too

Anne and I met our friend Lori for Rogue Brewery Night at World of Beer last evening. There were about a dozen Rogue beers on tap, and I had the opportunity to sample several for the first time. Additionally, the beers were paired with cheese from Rogue Creamery, which added to the tasting as well.

Rogue Maierfest Lager; Rogue Ales Brewery; Newport, OR; Marzen; ABV: 5.6. I’ve always enjoyed this style of beer, and Maierfest is one of the better Marzens. Golden in color, with big notes of breaded malt complimented by sweet caramel, light floral hops, and spices. Maierfest is smooth and well balanced throughout, and makes for an excellent session beer.

Chatoe Rogue Oregasmic Ale; Rogue Ales Brewery; Newport, OR; American Pale Ale; ABV: 6.0. A superb APA, deep amber in color with notes of caramel malt and citrusy hops balanced by hints of chocolate and spices. Crisp and clean from start to finish. Like Maierfest, this ale makes an excellent session beer, so it’s quite easy to have multiple Oregasmics! Per Christian, WOB had one of only three kegs outside the state of Oregon.

Rogue Brutal IPA; Rogue Ales Brewery; Newport, OR; India Pale Ale; ABV: 6.2. Called an Imperial bitter by Rogue, and recently bottled in Oregon under the name Portland State IPA, this beer combines the piny hops of an IPA with the malty notes of an ESB. The hoppy presence and sweet malt backbone are perfectly balanced, with a slight bitterness at the end.

All in all, it was a fun filled evening and I relished the chance to try some excellent beers.

Georgia On My Mind

December 25th, 2009 Bill Zavorskas No comments

River Street was hopping during the holidays

River Street was hopping during the holidays

Anne and I went over to Savannah for a few days during the holidays, and everything was very festive. The weather was great and we took in the sights. There was also several beers worth noting as well.

The Captain’s Porter (Moon River Brewing Co.; Savannah, GA; Porter; ABV: 6.0) is a sweet and very rich porter. The milk chocolate taste is complimented by molasses and roasted malt. Captain’s Porter finishes smooth & dry, and is very drinkable.

Savannah Fest Beer (Moon River Brewing Co.; Savannah, GA; Marzen; ABV: 4.9) is light and crisp for a marzen. There’s a sweet malty taste up front, followed by sweet fruit, spices, light hops, and a slightly bitter finish.

Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale (Sweetwater Brewing Co.; Atlanta, GA; American Pale Ale; ABV: 5.4) has gotten a lot of press and I was curious to try it. There’s a nice balance of cascade hops, tart fruit, and toasted malt, and 420 goes down quite smoothly. I have to admit, however, that I was expecting more given all the hype.

Lucky Kat (Magic Hat Brewing Co.; Burlington, VT; India Pale Ale; ABV: 5.8) was a pleasant surprise. I have always been a fan of Magic Hat, and Lucky Kat was very enjoyable. There’s a nice presence of piney hops up front, followed by sweet malt, caramel, and dark fruit with a slight bitterness at the end. This IPA paired well with the delicious seafood that we had at Fiddlers Crab House. Lucky Kat would be an excellent session beer for hop heads.

It’s worth noting to fans of New Belgium that several of their beers, including the excellent Fat Tire and outstanding 1554, are now available at most pubs in Savannah. I tried both for the first time in Seattle, and enjoyed the latter with the always superb lobster ravioli at Churchill’s Pub.

Prior to our trip, Anne & I got together with our friends Brad, Rachael, Bret, and Kelly at WOB for a few beers. There were a couple of Belgiums that truly stood out.

Saxo (Brasserie Caracole; Farmignoul, Belgium; Belgian Strong Pale Ale; ABV: 8.0) is incredibly smooth and is now my favorite Belgian strong pale ale. The 8% ABV isn’t noticeable, and the sweet malt taste is complimented by citrusy hops, light fruit, and spices. Saxo finishes crisp and clean, and I could drink this ale all day.

Delirium Noël (Brouwerij Huyghe; Melle, Belgium; Belgian Strong Dark Ale; ABV: 10.0) is at the other end of the spectrum, and is a truly outstanding dark ale. An excellent Xmas brew, the array of wintry spices up front are complimented by sweet fruit, toasted malt, and caramel. Noel is also quite easy to drink considering the 10% alcohol content.

Happy Holidays everyone, and Merry Xmas!

Churchill's Pub on Urbanspoon

Fiddler Crab House & Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon

Nature of The Beast

November 1st, 2009 Bill Zavorskas 1 comment

If you're not careful with The Beast...

If you're not careful with The Beast...

There's no telling where you'll end up

there's no telling where you'll end up

With the spirit of Halloween in the air this week, I stopped by my local World of Beer this week and tried a very interesting and complex brew. The Beast Grand Cru (Avery Brewing Co.; Boulder, Co; Belgian Strong Ale; ABV: 16.0) is a Belgian strong ale that starts out smooth and then packs a punch. The taste is full bodied, with an array of dark fruit up front complimented by sweet malt, chocolate, a bit of honey, and spicy hops. It reminded me a lot of a barley wine. My initial reaction was that this ale was quite drinkable considering the 16% alcohol content, but then it starts to sneak up on you. Jason the bartender agreed, and added that some brave soul actually ordered two the other night. Kids, don’t try this at home! The Beast is highly recommended, as long as you’re not having more than one!

And speaking of Halloween, Anne and I spent it in Tampa/St. Pete yesterday. We had lunch at BJ’s, where I enjoyed a pint of the BJs Piranha Pale Ale (BJ’s Chicago Pizza & Brewery; Huntington Beach, CA; American Pale Ale; ABV: 5.5). I found it to be crisp and refreshing, with the citrusy hops well balanced by hints of sweet malt and spices. It paired very well with the Jumbalaya that I had. After walking around the Pier in St. Pete, we ate dinner at 400 Beach Seafood & Tap House. The ambiance was great and the gulf oysters that we ordered were among the best we’ve ever had. In addition, there’s a full bar with an extensive beer and wine list, including two dozen brews on tap.

I ordered a pint of the Dogfish Chicory Stout (Dogfish Head Craft Brewery; Milton, DE; American Stout; ABV: 5.2). It reminded me a little of an Irish dry stout, with a nice chocolate kick balanced by chicory, roasted coffee, toasted malt, and caramel. Anne enjoyed a sample of it as well, and this stout was a nice finish to the meal and the day.

400 Beach Seafood & Tap House on Urbanspoon

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Draught Picks

July 21st, 2009 Bill Zavorskas 2 comments

While Guinness is great out of the bottle...

While I enjoy Guinness straight out of the bottle...

It's a first round selection on draught

it's a first round draught selection

While some beers taste great out of the bottle, e.g. Ola Dubh Special 16 Reserve from Harviestoun and St. Bernardus Abt 12 come to mind, the majority of beers taste fresher on tap. A good tap line can really determine the taste as well. A good beer like Guinness 250th Anniversary Stout can truly stand out when a tap line is functioning well, while an excellent ale like Rodenbach Classic (Red) can taste like Manischewitz when the tap lines are bad.

Anne & I decided to try one of Sarasota’s best kept secrets, The Shamrock Irish Pub this past Saturday. We heard from reliable sources that they poured the best pint of Guinness in town, so it was a no brainer to check it out.

Suffice to say The Shamrock did disappoint. The lovely Jackie was bartending that day, and she poured a textbook pint of Guinness Draught (Guinness Ltd.; Dublin, Ireland; Irish Dry Stout; ABV: 5.0). It’s truly the best on draught in town, and went well with the pizza that we ordered from a nearby spot. The pub has a nice neighborhood feel, and in addition to a great beer selection (11 on tap plus 80+ in bottles), it has live music on weekends.

In addition to the Guinness, I tried several other beers on tap that day:

Shipyard Export Ale; Shipyard Brewing Co.; Portland, ME; American Pale Ale; ABV: 5.0. A smooth drinking APA. A very buttery taste balanced by maple malt (maple) & a hoppy bite at the end.

Shipyard Summer Ale; Shipyard Brewing Co.; Portland, ME; American Pale Ale; ABV: 5.1. Another APA offering from Shipyard. The crisp, wheat taste is complimented by sweet malt & citrusy hops. A nice session beer for the summer.

Hell Or High Watermelon Wheat Beer; 21st Amendment Brewery; San Francisco, CA; Fruit / Vegetable Beer; ABV: 5.2. An eclectic & very refreshing beer. A nice array of watermelon & wheat. Another recommendation for a summer session beer.

The Shamrock offers a rotating draught list that includes such outstanding ales as Dogfish 120 Minute IPA & Gordon Imperial IPA, so I definitely recommend stopping in for a visit when you’re in town.

Shamrock Pub on Urbanspoon

Rambling, Gambling Willie

June 15th, 2009 Bill Zavorskas No comments

The Moosekiller & Wasabi sliders were a winning hand...

The Moosekiller & Wasabi sliders were a winning hand...

while Bob Dylan's lyrics were rather prophetic

while Bob Dylan's lyrics were rather prophetic

“He won a fortune from a man who folded his chair. The man, he left a diamond flush, Willie didn’t even have a pair.”

So sang Bob Dylan from the classic song Rambling, Gambling Willie. And this rambling, gambling Willie tried my luck at the slot machines, along with Anne, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino last Saturday night. We started out with $30, and ended up with $44. No, we’re not exactly high rollers, but hey it went toward a nice seafood dinner later on at the Council’s Oak restaurant. At one point, I was literally down to my last nickel, and then won $22 with my last spin. That’s 440-1; if only I had bet the $10 I had on me!

Prior to hitting the casino, we spent the day in the Ybor City section of Tampa, and ended up at Tampa Bay Brewing Co. It’s one of the best breweries in the Tampa area, and they’re located in a new location on 8th Avenue. The College World Series & Fox Game of the Week (Mets-Yankees) were on, so Anne & I hung out for a bit.

The Moosekiller Barley Wine Style Ale (Tampa Bay Brewing Co.; Tampa, FL; Barley Wine; ABV: 9.8) was the winner on this day. It’s a smooth, easy drinking barley wine. The sweet caramel taste up front is complimented by brown sugar, sweet malt, light hops, & toffee. The Moosekiller went well with the Wasabi sliders that I ordered.

In addition to the Moosekiller, I ordered a couple of other brews that were enjoyable:

Old Elephant Foot IPA; Tampa Bay Brewing Co.; Tampa Bay, FL; India Pale Ale; ABV: 6.7. An excellent IPA. Big bite of citrusy hops up front, with hints of sweet malt & a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Redeye Ale; Tampa Bay Brewing Co.; Tampa, FL; American Pale Ale; ABV: 5.5. A crisp, refreshing amber. The smooth malt taste is well balanced by roasted barley & a dry hoppy finish.

We knew when to fold ‘em, & headed home after a fun day of suds & slots.

Council Oak Steaks and Seafood on Urbanspoon

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Hops & Hotties

April 27th, 2009 Bill Zavorskas No comments

Ali's Angels: Gordon Biersch babes Kimberly & Lolly

Ali's Angels: Gordon Biersch babes Kimberly & Lolly

I started my weekend by going to a beer tasting with Anne at the Short Stop Market in downtown Sarasota. Owner Ali Molavi not only has a excellent selection of beer & wine, but has tastings of both on a regular basis. This past Friday was a tasting featuring Gordon Biersch. There was a nice array of food as well, from shrimp to chili fries.

I’ve been a fan of Gordon Biersch since I first tried their beers during my consulting trips to California. They’ve started expanding their brew pubs East, and are now bottling their beers & distributing them as well.

There was a big turnout, and Gordon Biersch lovelies Kimberly (left) & Lolly (right) made sure no one went thirsty. We started out with the Blonde Bock, a wonderfully smooth drinking heller bock. Mildly hoppy with a hint of sweet malt. Although it’s ABV is 7%, you don’t taste the alcohol, so you can easily drink this as a session beer.

The next one on tap was the Sommerbrau, an equally smooth drinking kolsch. The taste was a nice array of German Tettnang hops, honey, & citrusy fruit, and was very refreshing.

The final selection from Gordon Biersch was their most popular beer, the Marzen. Very sweet malty taste balanced by light spices & citrusy hops.

We concluded the beer tasting by trying a couple of beers from Widmer. The first was their Drifter Pale Ale, a wonderful hoppy APA that was a big hit with most of the crowd. Piny hops with a note of sweet malt & citrusy fruit such as grapefruit & tangerines. The second offering was the Widmer Hefeweizen, an easy drinking hefe. Wheat taste is balanced by Cascade hops & a hint of banana.

My thanks to Ali for putting together a great beer tasting, and to Kimberly & Lolly for being such gracious hostesses/bartenders.

Beer Review:

Gordon Biersch Blonde Bock; Gordon Biersch Brewing Co.; San Jose, CA; Heller Bock; ABV: 7.0. A wonderfully smooth drinking heller bock. Mildly hoppy with a hint of sweet malt.

Gordon Biersch Sommerbrau; Gordon Biersch Brewing Co.; San Jose, CA; Kolsch; ABV: 5.5. A refreshing array of German Tettnang hops, honey, & citrusy fruit.

Gordon Biersch Marzen; Gordon Biersch Brewing Co.; San Jose, CA; Marzen; ABV: 5.7. Very sweet malty taste balanced by light spices & citrusy hops.

Widmer Drifter Pale Ale; Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.; Portland, OR; American Pale Ale; ABV: 5.7. A wonderfully hoppy APA. Piney hops with a note of sweet malt & citrusy fruit such as grapefruit & tangerines.

Widmer Hefeweizen; Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.; Portland, OR; Hefeweizen; ABV: 4.7. An easy drinking hefe. Wheat taste is balanced by Cascade hops & a hint of banana.

One Small Step

March 16th, 2009 Bill Zavorskas No comments

Shakespeare's We Have Lift Off

Shakespeare's We Have Lift Off

I was at Shakespeare’s with my wife Anne last night. We were having dinner, shooting the breeze with Lowell the bartender, & enjoying a couple of drinks. The guest bottle was St. Bernardus ABT 12, an outstanding Belgium quad, and the guest draft was Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale, a pretty good APA from Flying Dog Brewery. I was finishing up a pint of the Doggie Style, when several patrons & staff mentioned that Space Shuttle Discovery was due to launch within minutes. Led by Chef Vince, everyone made a beeline to the parking lot in order to see it take off.

Although the Kennedy Space Center, on Merritt Island near Cape Canaveral, is on the East Coast, you still have an excellent chance to see the shuttle lift off on a clear night here on the West Coast. So we watched the countdown on TV, then went out into the parking lot to see a pretty cool liftoff at 7:43 EST. Anne managed to snap a quick picture with her cell phone camera, and I’ve posted it here for your viewing pleasure.

Beer Review:

Flying Dog Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale; Flying Dog Brewery; Frederick, MD; American Pale Ale; ABV: 5.5. A nice, hoppy APA.

St. Bernardus Abt 12; Brouwerij St. Bernardus NV; Watou, Belgium; Quadrupel; ABV: 10.5. A wonderfully complex balance of spices, ripe fruit, & sweet malt. A truly outstanding Belgium quad.